Sol Tribe is a body art studio committed to offering the safest and cleanest body art available.  A modern studio with an ancient feel.

  • We take care of people and act humbly – We are here to offer the best and safest body art available and to be in co creation with whatever you are hoping for.  We recognize that this is your experience and we are merely a vehicle to get body art.

  • We problem solve for all levels of body art – We recognize that body art is a lifelong adventure and often needs problem solving along the way, we will go above and beyond to help give all the options available before sending you away. Many lifestyle making having body art difficult and we we will help find the solution.

  • We are welcoming to all walks of life – We are a safe space for all walks of life and a space where you will be treated respectfully regardless of background, gender identity, sexuality, or Ability.  Sol Tribe is ADA accessible and Queer as fuck.

  • We celebrate diversity culture and history- We have a deep respect for our subculture and the cultures from which we come. We acknowledge where body piercing and tattooing come from in this American culture and we stand with our pioneers which include Fakir Musafar, Jim Ward, Leon Miller, and all the cultural ancestors who practice these ways. We Practice cultural piercing and tattoos for the Indigenous people of the world.

  • We follow strict infection control at a world class standard- We pride ourselves on being educators of Infection Control for body art establishments, We receive ongoing training quarterly to stay abreast on the most current information. We are proud members of the Association of Professional Piercers and have been for 19 years. We adhere to City, state and federal guidelines. 

  • We continue to offer accessibility, We believe body art is not a luxury service but necessary part of life and therefore we keep our jewelry and tattoos reasonably priced and offer many opportunities for discounts throughout the fiscal year.

  • We work as a team to get the job done, we are here to help guide you the the best person for your job .

  • We as practitioners must keep a healthy lifestyle to offer these services to you, We have a staff that is celebrated and encouraged to take time off. We have a maximum 4 day work week and offer our staff ongoing health benefits. We recognize that this job is energetically exhausting and we don’t allow people to work while ill or otherwise needing selfcare.

  • Sol Tribe has been the retailer for the top manufacturers of Body jewelry for over 20 years. These relationships have been built over the last quarter century and allow us to offer a product that is hands down the best on the market, it also allows us to sell replacement parts for jewelry sold throughout that entire timeline. We also offer an in house and manufacturers warranty. 



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