Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado 1986 - 2021

Alyssa is a hell of a human being. Her unique sense of humor and brilliant personality brings joy to all who know her. She's someone you can trust with secrets and the type of person who honors and loves being the keeper of them.

With her dark brown eyes that sparkle when she laughs and her beautiful spirit always shining through, her beauty was captured through the multiple modeling shoots she was apart of, her creativity shown through beautiful mala's that she hand crafted as well as through amazing photography and her pure talent displayed in her yoga teachings. As a yoga teacher her practice is soft spoken but so powerful and she was a force in the Denver yoga community during her years of teaching.

She holds space for the people she loves and nourishes all the communities she's a part of while caring deeply for the people in them.

Alyssa is a bad ass chingona and excels at everything she does. She is gorgeous, creative, kind, loving, quick witted, talented and so much more. We are so lucky to have had her here at Sol Tribe and we miss her terribly every day.


"It took 34 years to embrace my journey as a woman of color. It took 34 years to find a home in this body after years of denying, forgiving, and making excuses for those who treated me differently because of the way that I look. And today, with the help of my ancestors, my BIPOC friends, and the support of so many others, I am able to stand in my power..." 

-Alyssa Gunn Maldonado