How do I book a piercing appointment?

Please call the shop at 303.832.1311 to schedule your appointment.

Please make sure you bring your valid state or federal photo ID (i.e. your driver's license, passport or state issued ID) to your appointment in order to fill out our release form. You WILL NOT be pierced without proper documentation. 

How do I book a piercing appointment for a minor?

Reach out to us via email at

Once we receive your email we will send you a release form.

You will fill out the release form using the minor's information - use their name, birthday etc. 

From there you will need to upload a form of identification for yourself and for the minor, and sign the waiver for them to be pierced.

What are acceptable forms of identification for minor release forms?

For parent/legal guardians upload a photo of your valid state issued ID or passport. 

For ages 5-10 years old, upload a photo of their original birth certificate or their passport.

For ages 11-17 years old upload a photo of their state issued permit, drivers license or passport. You can also upload a photo of their birth certificate, but for this form of identification we will also need a photo of their school ID paired with it as well. 

The parent/legal guardian's name needs to be listed on the birth certificate OR the parent/legal guardian and minor need to have matching last names or addresses on their ID’s.

If I bring in my own jewelry, will you pierce me with that?

Unfortunately, if the jewelry did not come from our shop or from another trusted, verified vendor, we cannot guarantee either its quality or its sterilization, and therefore we absolutely will not pierce you with it. It is unsafe for your piercing, and may compromise the sterility of our piercing space.

If you have purchased a piece from Sol Tribe or another verified shop or vendor and you would like to get pierced with it, please take it in and consult with a piercer.

How many piercings can I do in one appointment?

Up to six piercings depending on placement, piercers can advise further on this during your appointment.

What do I do if I am running late to my piercing appointment?

Please let us know as soon as you can that you are running late, anything later than 10 minutes will require a reschedule.

Frequently asked questions

Minor Piercings

Do you pierce baby's ears?

We do not pierce infants at this time. We start lobe piercings at 5 years old.

What kind of piercings can minors get?

We will pierce children’s ear lobes starting at age 5. We will not pierce anything other than earlobes until age 16. We do not offer every piercing available to 16 and 17 year olds, we offer nostril piercings, septum piercings, ear lobe and certain cartilage piercings.

We will take consultations with minors 16 & 17 for navel, lip and tongue piercings.

Under no circumstances are eyebrow piercings, surface or dermal anchor piercings, and cartilage projects that combine two piercings together with one piece of jewelry such as an industrial piercing offered for minors.

I’m a minor and my sibling/friend/friend’s parent is a legal adult. Can they vouch for me to get pierced?

No. Only a parent or legal guardian can give consent for procedures on a minor.

Frequently asked questions

Piercing Process & Care

How long do piercings take to heal?

It depends on the piercing, but a wide range of heal time is 2 to 12 months.

Lips, septum, less complex genital piercings (e.g. VCH, PA), and ear lobes take about 2-3 months to heal.

Nostrils, surface piercings, and more complex ear lobe piercings take about 4 to 6 months to heal.

A new nostril piercing can be swapped to a hoop after a minimum of 6 months healing.

All ear cartilage piercings, nipple, navel, dermal anchors, and more advanced genital piercings (e.g. apadravya, triangle) take a minimum of 6 months to heal. It is not uncommon for ear cartilage, nipple, or navel piercings to take a full 12 months or longer to heal.

How do I take care of my new piercings?

Please refer to the APP guides linked below.

If you have any questions about your healing please feel free to call or email us!


Body Piercings Aftercare

Oral Piercings Aftercare

How do I take care of my childs new piercings?

Please refer to the APP guides linked below.

If you have any questions about your healing please feel free to call or email us!


Minor Piercing Aftercare

Any questions we didn't answer?