These are base prices for the services listed below not including the cost of jewelry. Jewelry prices vary ($20-$500+) depending on what you fall in love with. Our most popular pieces are around $40.

Minor Piercing Pricing Menu

Ages 5-10 years old

For ages 5-10 years old, lobe piercings are $60 each.

Ages 11-15 years old

For ages 11-15 years old, lobe piercings are $50 each.

Ages 16-18years old

For ages 16 years old and up refer to regular piercing pricing menu.

Piercing Pricing Menu


1st, 2nd & 3rd lobe placements $40 each.


Helix, Forward Helix, Flat, Snug, Conch, Daith, Rook & Tragus $40 each.

Industrials $80 each.


Nostrils and high nostrils $50 each.


$50 each.


$40 each.


$50 each, traditional tongue piercings only.

We do not offer scoops, snake eyes or tongue frenulum piercings.


$50 each.


Philtrum, Vertical Labret, Labret, Ashley, Monroe $50 each.

Angel bites, snake bites, spider bites, Dalia bites $100.


$40 each.


$65 each.


$40 each.

Genital Standard

VCH, HCH, Inner/Outer Labia, Christina & Forchette $100 each.

PA, Frenum, Scrotal Sack & Guiche $100 each.

Genital Advanced

Triangle $150 each.

Apadravya, Ampallang & Dydoe $150 each.

Additional Services

General Jewelry Switch/Insertion or Removal


Oral Jewelry Switch/Insertion or Removal


Nose Jewelry Switch/Insertion


Genital Jewelry Switch/Insertion or Removal


Dermal/Surface Piercing Jewelry Switch/Insertion or Removal


Used Jewelry Processing Fee


If you have purchased a piece from Sol Tribe or another verified shop or vendor and you would like to get pierced with it, please bring it in and consult with a piercer first.

If the jewelry is approved by a piercer you will pay a jewelry processing fee, schedule your piercing appointment a week out and the jewelry will be processed (sterilized) and ready for your appointment.

Piercing Check Up

Typically free but can vary in price depending on the work that needs to be done on your piercing.