frequently asked questions


Do I need a consultation?

Not every tattoo requires a consultation appointment. 

Artists may request an initial consultation with you to better understand what you are wanting or you may request a consultation if you would feel more comfortable speaking with an artist before booking a tattoo session.

A consultation is a complimentary half hour meeting with the artist you’d like to work with to go over what you would like to get tattooed. 

This is when you talk about what you want, size, color or black and grey, length or sessions of tattoo time and cost.

How do I get an appointment for a tattoo?

Reach out to us via the booking contact forms listed under "Booking" or by email (

We wIil get back to you as soon as we can with a price quote, appointment time length and ask you to fill out a release form. You'll need to upload a photo of a valid state issued ID.

Once we have received your release form we will give you a call to book your appointment and collect a $100-$200 deposit to confirm your appointment time.

Your appointment is not scheduled until you have left a deposit.

How can I leave a deposit?

Deposits can be made in cash in shop or taken over the phone via debit or credit card.

If you leave a deposit via debit or credit card we will use your card information to purchase a gift card for the amount your artist requests depending on the tattoo $100-$200, that will stay here until the time of your appointment.

Deposits are non-transferable or refundable and will come off of the final total of your tattoo the day of your appointment.

What do I do if I am running late to my tattoo appointment?

Please let us know as soon as possible that you are running late. Lateness rescheduling policy's vary per artist.

What is your cancelation policy?

If you need to cancel last minute, your deposit will be forfeited to the artist.

You can absolutely reschedule, however another deposit will need to be made in order to do so.

If you need to reschedule we require 48 hours notice to do so without affecting your deposit. Less than 48 hours notice of cancellations or reschedules may result in putting down another deposit.

Do you take walk-ins?

YES!!! We do take walk-ins for tattoos. That doesn't guarantee that we have availability. Try your luck or guarantee a spot by pre-booking an appointment. Call the shop at 303.832.1311 to see how the day looks.

What is your shop minimum?

Shop minimum is $100. For the most accurate price quote please fill out a booking form. Cost will always be discussed prior to starting the tattoo.

Do you do tattoos on people under the age of 18?

Unfortunately, we do not tattoo anybody under the age of 18 under any circumstances, regardless of whether or not they have parental consent. This is our shop policy. We are happy to consult with someone prior to turning 18, and to set an appointment on or after their 18th birthday.

Are there any tattoos you won’t do?

Every artist has their own individual standards for what they will and will not tattoo. Some artists prefer to avoid certain locations, and some will flat out refuse to tattoo things and places that will not heal well, will not age well, or just plain won’t look very good, such as hands, fingers, necks, certain areas of the feet, and other high-traffic areas. It is always best to set up an in-person consultation with an artist to discuss your proposed placement. It may be that your artist is unwilling to tattoo your design in the place you originally wanted, but that together you can figure out a more ideal placement for the design. Let's chat and figure it out!


frequently asked questions

Tattoo Process & Care

How do I prepare for a tattoo?

A good night’s rest the night before, good and healthy food in your belly, and loving the artwork that was prepared for you. If you are in for a long session, bring some snacks and a refillable water bottle with you.

What is the recommended aftercare for my tattoo?

Tattoo aftercare is extremely important for the healing process. Your tattoo is vulnerable to infection and a fresh tattoo compromises your immune system. It is important to keep your new tattoo clean, and to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattooer. A fresh tattoo will be tender, but the aftercare should feel soothing, listen to your body. If you experience adverse reactions, like persistent stinging, burning, discoloration or redness after a few days, please get in touch with your tattooer for troubleshooting. More than likely, issues can be handled.

DO: Wear your bandage for about 2-3 hours or until you get home, or a clean place to wash it. Two - Three times a day, with clean hands, wash your tattoo with cool water and a hand pump soap (like Dial). Gently with your fingertips, wash off all the blood and plasma. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Then apply a THIN coat of Aquaphor from a clean source; this should feel soothing (you can also use Hustle Butter, or coconut oil). If you used to much ointment, remove excess with a paper towel. Wear loose clothing during healing as ointment may stain clothing.

Tattoos heal like a sunburn. In a few days your tattoo will begin to flake and peel. Continue to wash, removing the flakes, and using ointment. When your tattoo begins “flaking”, you can generally switch from the ointment to a light, non-scented lotion. Whatever moisturizer you usually use should be fine. Continue to watch out for stinging, irritation, allergic reactions, and burning. If this occurs, either switch moisturizers or go back to using the Aquaphor ointment. Also about this time your tattoo will begin to itch; don’t scratch it! Slap the area or apply lotion to relieve the itch. When your tattoo is smooth and feels like normal skin, it is healed. Continue to use lotion daily, stay hydrated, and use sunscreen to keep your tattoo looking vibrant!

DO NOT: Wear your bandage longer than 3 hours. Do not submerge your tattoo in any body of water; no swimming in lakes, ocean, pools, hot tubs, or hot springs (showering is fine). Do not touch your new tattoo with dirty hands. Do not let pets or anyone else ouch your new tattoo. Do not use a shared container of ointment. Do not use body soap, bar soap, scented soap, loofahs, or dirty towels on your fresh tattoo. Do not use too much Aquaphor ointment, as it can suffocate your tattoo, compromise the healing, and may result in loss of color. Do not re-bandage your tattoo or wear tight clothing over it (confining your tattoo traps in bacteria and your new tattoo needs to breathe). Do not let your new tattoo touch or rest on public surfaces (like gym equipment, counter tops, etc.). Do not use Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, scented lotion/soaps, makeup, creams, or anything other than the suggested Aquaphor and unscented lotion on your new tattoo. Do not pick or scratch your tattoo. Other than washing the tattoo 2-3 times a day, leave it alone!

If you’re experiencing any weirdness or anything that makes you concerned about your tattoo or its healing, don’t panic! Contact Sol Tribe and we will be happy to help. Most tattoo issues are easily troubleshot with some simple adjustments to your day to day process!

How long do tattoos take to heal?

2-4 weeks on average.

How do I know if I need a touch up on my tattoo?

Touch ups aren’t always necessary. Sol Tribe artists offer them as a complimentary service, but if you aren’t sure, you can meet with your artist to talk about it and decide from there.

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