Kylie Jenkins


Social Media & Bio

Kylie says, “Hello & I love you!”

Kylie is equal parts Deep South & Midwest (raised in Georgia & Ohio). She’s been drawing & painting since she was a ‘lil baby & she ended up graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design with a B.F.A in Fine Arts & Illustration!
She started tattooing in 2016 & has been loving (almost) every second of her journey! Being a queer Black/Mixed woman is a huge part of her identity & she’s here to challenge societal norms & break stereotypes! It’s super important that everyone feels safe & represented.

Kylie’s art is inspired by nature, the occult, very gay things, the cosmos, and all that is cute & spooky! In her free time you’ll find her playing in the woods, cuddling her kitties, giving you compliments, or slurping ramen (anything soupy, really. Kylie loves soup).