Ohran Ramadani


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Ohran says hi! Ohran Ramadani has been a tattooer in Colorado since 2013 and started at Sol Tribe just this year. He doesn’t have a specific style and considers himself a versatile tatter; he enjoys doing everything from black and grey, to neo traditional, to blackwork, and even color realism. He enjoys a good challenge and his favorite part of the job is meeting people and sharing stories with all his clients! Ohran loves philosophy, psychology, and anthropology, and tattooing has afforded him the gift of meeting people from every walk of life, from coast to coast, which he is very thankful for. Ohran loves to travel, and when he’s on the road, he’s gotta have his skateboard and camera on hand. Come in, say what’s up, share some stories with him, and he’ll get a cool tat on ya!