1 3/8″ Stone Plugs — Labradorite Teardrop

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1 3/8″ (34.5mm) Genuine Labradorite Teardrops

Length ~1 3/5″ (40mm)

Width ~ 1 1/8″ (29mm)

Weight = 1.4 oz (39g)

Teardrop sizing is based on an average measurement of length and width. Please refer to sizing chart for visual reference on sizing teardrop jewelry. Please be aware that the listed measurement is the minimum size requirement for this jewelry. 

Please see description below for more details


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These teardrop-shaped plugs have been hand-carved from solid pieces of genuine Labradorite and polished to a smooth shine. Wear them in different light to see their deep, opalescent sheen change and shift colors!

Genuine stone may be porous and excessive exposure to moisture may compromise its structure. For the health of your jewelry, please be mindful of soaking in water or exposing your jewelry to moisture such as wearing in the shower.

Our jewelry is of the highest quality, but due to its nature, stone jewelry may crack or break if dropped from a height. Please be cautious when handling your stone jewelry.

Sol Tribe stone jewelry is sold in pairs. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell individual replacements.


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