1 5/8″ Wood Plugs — Silver & Turquoise Small Flower

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1 5/8″ Wood Plugs — Silver & Turquoise Large Flower

Please see description below for further details

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This listing is for one pair of Wood Plugs.

These plugs have been custom carved from Wood, with a front inlay of Silver and Turquoise in a shape reminiscent of a small flower.

Our pieces are of the highest quality, but due to its nature, this material may irritate some skin allergies. For your comfort, please use discretion when purchasing organic jewelry if you experience sensitive earlobes and/or skin allergies. This material is not designed to be worn in water or while sleeping.

Wood jewelry requires proper care to avoid drying out. Be sure to periodically oil the wood on your piece with a moisturizing oil, such as jojoba oil or emu oil, in order to ensure its quality over time. These products can be found in our shop for your convenience.

All Sol Tribe Plugs are sold in pairs. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer single replacements under any circumstances.


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