11/16″ Yellow Brass Eyelets — Textured Flare

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11/16″ Yellow Brass Eyelets — Textured Flare

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These eyelets have been hand-crafted from Yellow Brass. The outer portion of the eyelets has been polished to a mirror finish. The inner portion of the eyelets has been hand-crimped with a finite textured design.

The wear space of this piece is ~11/16″ (~18.5mm). The back flare measures ~13/16″ (~21mm), with the front flare measuring ~1 1/8″ (~29mm).

Sol Tribe earring sets are sold in pairs. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell individual replacements.

Our pieces are of the highest quality, but due to its nature this metal may irritate some metal allergies. For your comfort, please use discretion when purchasing if you experience metal allergies.

Due to the handmade nature of this piece, minute irregularities in shape may appear. This is natural, and will not detract from the beauty or quality of your fine piece.

The double flare design of this jewelry is constructed to safely and easily hold your pieces in your ear without O-rings or other assistance, and is designed to have a larger back flare for this purpose. Please use caution and lubrication when inserting and removing double flare jewelry to prevent damage to the jewelry or to your ear.



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