14GA 1/4″ Titanium Clicker — Synth. White and Pink Opal Odyssey

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14GA 1/4″ Clicker w/ Prong-Set White and Pink Synthetic Opals — Odyssey

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This clicker features a titanium clasp and closure mechanism, as well as a stunning row of tenĀ  prong-set synthetic opals, in an alternating white and pink color scheme.

This piece is crafted from 6AL4V ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium.

This manufacturer uses high quality synthetic and genuine cabochon gems.

Height (bottom of oval to septum) ~3/16″ (6mm)

Width (long part of oval) ~5/16″ (9mm)

This clicker utilizes an oval shape–measurement provided is average of height and width. Please see measuring chart for visual reference of measuring oval-shaped jewelry.


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