14GA 4mm Threaded Stainless Steel Cabochon — Gen. Black Onyx

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14GA 4mm Threaded Stainless Steel Cabochon — Genuine Onyx

Please see description below for more details

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This listing is for one 14GA 4mm Genuine Black Onyx threaded cabochon end. Please refer to listings for the other sizes of this product if you would like a different size. 

This piece has a 14GA threaded back and can be used in all 14GA and 12GA threaded posts.

All jewelry parts are precision crafted out of ASTM F-138 certified implant grade stainless steel.

This manufacturer uses high quality synthetic and genuine gemstones. 

All threaded ends are sold individually. Please order two if you would like a pair. Please note that not all threaded ends are available in pairs.

This piece requires a separate threaded labret, dermal anchor, or barbell for insertion. This piece is sold separately from these items. 

To ensure maximum safety for your jewelry, please ensure threaded end is tightly fastened before wear. We suggest the use of nitrile or latex gloves to provide a more secure grip on your piece while adjusting.


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