16GA 5/16″ Solid 18k Yellow Gold Seam Ring — CZ Three Bezel Cluster

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16GA 5/16″ Solid 18k Yellow Gold Seam Ring — Clear Cubic Zirconia Three Bead Cluster

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This piece is custom machine made from Solid 18k Yellow Gold and polished to a mirror finish. Three Austrian-made SWAROVSKIâ„¢ Cubic Zirconia are crimp-set into a bezel setting for a graduated look that can be work in almost any piercing, but looks lovely in a septum or a cartilege!

The largest gem measures ~3mm

The second largest gem measures ~ 2mm

The smallest gem measures ~1mm

Seam rings come in a wide array of diameters allowing for wear in almost any piercing. Please check sizing for your specific piercing before purchase. Please refer to the provided size chart for a complementary visual guide to measuring and sizing your jewelry.


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