18GA 11/32″ Stainless Steel Ring w/ Sterling Silver Beads — Vaughn

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18GA 11/32″ Stainless Steel Ring with Sterling Silver Beads — Vaughn

Please see description below for further details

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This piece is machined from  from annealed ASTM F-138 certified implant grade stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. Sterling Silver beads are then machine-welded to the stainless steel ring for a delicately ornate look.

The picture for this listing is for display only and may not represent the size of the piece you are buying. Please refer to listing info for the size of your piece. Display piece is 16GA 3/8″.

Stainless Steel and Silver Vaughn Rings are sold individually. Please order two if you would like a pair. Please be aware that not all sizes may be available in pairs.

Our jewelry is of the highest quality, but due to its nature, Sterling Silver may oxidize and change color over time. This is natural, and is easily corrected with the use of a Silver Polishing Cloth.

Our pieces are of the highest quality, but due to its nature the Sterling Silver in this piece may irritate some metal allergies. For your comfort, please use discretion when purchasing if you experience metal allergies.


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