3MM Threadless Solid 14k Rose Gold Hammered Disk

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3MM Threadless Solid 14k Rose Gold Hammered Disk

Please see description below for further details

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This listing is for one 3mm Threadless Solid 14k Rose Gold Hammered Disk. Please refer to the separate listings if you are looking for the mirror-finish (non-hammered) version of this product.

This piece is custom machine made from Solid 14k Rose Gold and crimped with a finite hammered design for a subtle sparkle without a gem!

This piece has a 25g pin back and can be used in all 18g and up universal threadless posts.

Due to the handmade nature of this piece, minute irregularities in shape may appear. This is natural, and will not detract from the beauty or quality of your fine piece.

All pin ends are sold individually. Please order two if you would like a pair. Please note that not all pins are available in pairs.

This piece is threadless and requires a separate threadless post for insertion. This piece is sold separately from the post. This piece will arrive pre-bent for your convenience. Please refer to below chart for helpful instructions regarding threadless jewelry insertion.


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