9/16″ Single Flare Glass Plugs — Black

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9/16″ Single Flare ColorFront Glass Plugs — Black

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This listing contains two (2) Single Flare ColorFront Glass plugs and two silicone O-Rings. Other sizes (gauges) of this product will be in separate listings; please ensure that you are viewing the listing for the size you wish to purchase.

All ColorFront glass jewelry is computer kiln annealed Borosillicate (aka Pyrex) or Quartz Glass that fully complies with international standard ISO 3585 and the Czech standard CSN ISO 3585.

Sol Tribe glass jewelry is sold in pairs. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell individual replacements. Additional/replacement silicone O-Rings are available for purchase through our store.

For the safety of your ears, please exercise caution when attempting to stretch your ears at home. We recommend the use of a hot shower and earlobe massage, followed by the use of a gentle lubricating oil such as emu, jojoba, or coconut oil. Use only gentle, steady, applied pressure to insert plugs for a stretch. Only use single flare jewelry for stretching. Never use double flare jewelry or force anything through your ear as it may become stuck and/or damage your earlobe.

When stretching your ears at home, only stretch one size at a time. Do not skip sizes or you may damage your earlobes. We recommend waiting six (6) weeks between stretches to avoid damaging your ears. You must wear your jewelry for that entire period or your ears may shrink again or “lose” the stretch.

If you are having trouble inserting your glass jewelry, please visit our contact page to book an appointment with one of our piercers for your stretch!


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